Less Stress & More Energy
In Just 7 Minutes A Day
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How Can This Work in Just 7 Minutes?
This is just enough to flip your body's "stress switch" to OFF.

By practicing these simple moving meditations every day, you can improve your health, emotional balance, and sense of well-being. The ancient Chinese sages believed your body's energy system holds the key to your health and longevity. Over thousands of years, they developed these moving meditations into the practice of Qi Gong.
Increase Energy & Vitality
'Qi' means 'Life Force Energy,' and 'Gong' means 'Regular Practice.' By practicing Qi Gong, you are mastering the movement and flow of the life force that heals and sustains you.
Reduce Stress, Pain, & Stiffness
Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that symptoms of disease are caused by disruptions to our body's energy system. Qi Gong restores this system's balance, allowing your energy to flow freely.
Only 7 Minutes A Day
Every day, Lee Holden will guide you through a new selection of moving meditations. You can do these anywhere you have enough room to stand up and turn around - no equipment needed.
"It's the most do-able and relaxing thing that I've seen in a long time. You don't have to turn yourself into a pretzel or anything, and it doesn't seem like exercise. It feels good for your body."
Erik Smith
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