Restore Your Inner Balance and Harmony with the Five Element Qi Gong Flows
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Join Us Saturday for Lee Holden's Free Online Workshop:
"The Five Paths to Inner Power"
Plus Live Q&A With Lee

Saturday, April 30th

12 p.m. - 2 p.m. 
Plus Q&A at the end
Live Online Workshop Includes:
  • Basics of Five Element Theory – learn how this central principle in Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong holds the key to accessing your inner power
  • Qi Gong Practice and Five Element Flows – experience, for yourself, the sense of balance, clarity, and inner power that can result from harmonizing these five elements
  • Live Q&A With Lee – if you have any questions about the Five Elements, Qi Gong Teacher Training, or our Live Immersion Programs, now is your chance to ask them live!
"Please pass on to Lee Holden that it was a Fabulous workshop! I learned so much from this, especially today! WOW! What a teacher! Thank You!!!"
-- Wendy
"Simply amazing. Anytime I make a purchase of Lee Holden's Qigong material, I am always blown away. The support staff even responded to my email within an hour, and now I get to dive deeply into blissful vitality and spiritual nourishment right from my home. THANK YOU"
-- Kyle
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